About us

ADA digital portfolio brings together interdisciplinar artwork developed by Studio RF that reflects critically on our contemporary habitat, providing a space for conversation between visual and scenic arts, craft, design, architecture and other disciplines beyond art.

Based on the relationship between natural environment, space, material and body, the pieces are focused on the exploration of natural and cultural diversity, as well as sustainable collaborative small scale production with healthy local materials. ADA aims to foster social and environmental change towards a new heterogeneous and dynamic equilibrium, based on collective engagement, local diversity and decentralised power relations.   A starting point in ADA is critical reflection around the contemporary objects and spaces that shape our daily activities. Most of them are the result of generic processes of industrialization and globalization of urban life, disarticulated from cultural, social and territorial specificity.

ADA questions what is established today as contemporary or modern. Most of our normalized behaviours are based only on occidental – linear, logos male centric – or neoliberal individual perspectives. ADA fosters instead to create critical and collaborative projects connecting and articulating diverse artists, artisans, communities, thinkers and creators that expand the field of art/design/architecture through experimentation. Materiality and corporality approaches open our vision to understand humans and nonhumans organisms interactions, establishing new respectful relations and recovering old handcraft traditions and rituals of embodiment as a continuum between culture and nature as well as body and territory.